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Mango Hill by HARRIOTT - Pondicherry

MANGO HILL is a splendid South Indian hotel (hotel de l’Inde du Sud) with an aura of combined elegance and gracefulness situated in the outskirts of Pondicherry near Auroville, on the coasts of Bay of Bengal.

Pondicherry is popularly known as The French Riviera of the East and the remarkable French touch revealed by every aspect of Mango Hill exemplifies it. This magnificent hotel of Pondicherry (hotel de Pondicherry) endowed with natural scenic beauty attracts tourists from all over the world.

Surrounded by lush greenery and tropical flowers, the elegant perimeter overflow pool has a shaded child basin, perfect for a refreshing dip at any time of the day, year-round.

Beside the pool is an Ayurvedic spa, to restore harmony and balance to mind and body.

Discover MANGO HILL where, from the first rays of sun to the last sparkle in the starry Indian sky, you luxuriate in an atmosphere of total relaxation, caressed by a gentle sea breeze.


MANGO HILL offers you three types of rooms, all with complimentary internet access and bathrooms with solar-heated water. All running water in the hotel is potable, totally purified by a reverse osmosis filtering system.


Natural air-cooling, 1 double bed, full bathroom with shower, small sea-view terrace overlooking the pool.


Air conditioned, with 1 double and 1 single bed, full bathroom with shower, private terrace with a view of the Bay of Bengal or the Auroville countryside..


Air conditioned, with 1 double and 1 single bed, full bathroom with shower and bathtub, large private terrace with a view of the Bay of Bengal or the Auroville countryside..


The menu of French and Indian specialties is built around the freshest natural ingredients: organic vegetables from the hotel's own garden; freshly caught fish; cured ham, pâté and cheeses we produce ourselves (we have a dairy room, cold rooms and a large cellar in the hotel).

The kitchen opens on to the dining room, so guests can watch as fish and meat are grilled to order over a wood fire.

The chef designs the day's menu according to his inspiration or plans it around today's best finds from the market (Pondicherry boasts one of the finest open-air markets in all of southern India).


The Conference hall at Hotel Mango Hill can be used for corporate get together, small parties or organized group activity. Located on the second floor, with air conditioning, it offers an ideal environment for holding different events.

Interested to book the conference hall? Send us an inquiry to check availability and prices!


Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine native to the Indian Subcontinent, a natural “science of life” that aims to promote balance and wellness in both mind and body. A true Ayurvedic treatment is a lengthy process targeting all three dimensions of human life: body, mind and soul.

A number of Ayurvedic treatments are offered at MANGO HILL :

Traditional MARMA

To balance the body’s doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) and treat various problems like hypertension, sleeplessness, migraine, back pain…

Traditional SIDDHA MARMA

Siddha medicine is the ancient method practiced since time immemorial in the Dravidian communities of South India.


Holistic purification to help the body reach the proper balance of vata, pitta and kapha. Five types of treatments are offered, lasting from 15 to 41 days.

SLIMMING program

A special slimming program, which includes massage with herbal powders and oils, targeted exercises and Ayurvedic massage.



Swimming-pool timings from 9am to 6pm.

Swimming wear or costumes compulsory.

MANGO Hill’s pool (25m by 12) is by far the most beautiful in the region: rimless water surrounded by a spacious teak deck, a flowering cashew tree on a little island in the middle, jet massage nozzles, a shaded basin where children can play in total safety, and inviting lounge chairs straight from the decks of the legendary cruise ship “Le France”… an idyllic setting for savoring the balmy climate of the Coromandel coast.

Paying guests not staying at the hotel are also welcome to spend a leisurely afternoon at the pool.

The management reserves the right of admission.


Old Auroville Road, Bommayapalayam - 605104,
Pondicherry, India
Email : bookings@poppyshotels.com
Phone : +91 98940 91113
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